Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The following is a repost from my journal on VF (originally posted on the 23rd of August):

Coming to to know and love oneself is a wonderful thing, but as life moves forward and and makes its varying changes, everyday life circumstances also end up changing quite dramatically (especially over time).
Following the passing of each time cycle (no specific number of years/months can be given, as this varies for everyone), most of us end up returning to a process of trying to re-assess role/place/purpose on this planet and many of us end up learning new things, often looking for ways to change things around in order to accomodate these findings accordingly. For example, one may discover something later in life which may lead to feelings of shame or a desire to make positive adjustments to a way of life which once seemed sufficient or even ideal.

I quite regularly receive notes from people who are in that process of seeking change who may have seen something desirable in my life which I may not have even recognised as being some sort of lofty ideal to another.
I am simply following life's path, like everyone else, but perhaps I've been doing it differently than some of those who choose to point out these differences in question form...

In any case, the only thing I can really think of to say about this is that I basically make a strong and sincere effort to live by a single life philosophy by which I have come to live as a result of many unexpected, life altering and sometimes spirit-crushing experiences (and the realisation that there are many more on the imminent horizon):

Live as consciously as possible and DO NOT EVER take anything for granted.
Life is fragile and fleeting, and so may be any comfortable situation.
"This too shall pass" refers to many situations in life, not only those we might like to move beyond quickly...

I make an effort to share as much positive energy as I am able to generate. It has seemed to make a difference thus far.

I would like to conclude this entry with a couple of personal messages to some dear friends, a few of whom are currently away and some with whom I have not had an opportunity to communicate for awhile. I'm not really sure as to whether any of them are checking VF all that often (if at all), so I'll keep it very simple and to the point by simply saying:

I love you, and am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments! Please be safe and look after yourself to the best of your ability. You are dear to me and I sincerely look forward to see you again soon! <3

...and lastly, to some I've seen most recently (originally posted from my Facebook):

sending thanks to all who came out to support last night's event and spent time with me. Much gratitude goes out to all for your love and good company. Cheers for the cheer! ♥

TwilightVision TV Episode 19: Damiana meets Emilie Autumn

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Greetings and salutations!

Not only am I a fan of the musical and literary work of Emilie Autumn, but also fully appreciative of her as a human being.

As a classically trained vocalist, synthpop lover, literary geek, activist and crazed Bowie fanatic, her music immediately struck many chords with me at once (pun unintentional).

Her particular fusion of classical violin, electro, creative and literary references, political provocativeness and dramatic presentation simply floored me upon first hearing her Opheliac album a few years ago.

It was as if I had finally encountered someone who managed to accomplish precisely what I had been aiming for in my own artistic endeavours!

After having learned that she was also vegan, I became a fully dedicated supporter of this amazing artist in every single way possible.

I of course jumped at the chance to interview her when asked to do so for TwilightVisionTV, and even took time to hand make special treats to present to her and the Bloody Crumpets on behalf of TVTV and The Lorax Community Project!

I must say here that she is all that I had hoped for her to be, and so much more. She was delightful, engaging, informative, forthright and (in addition to all of that) such a fabulous flirt!

Her graciousness, sweet acceptance and seemingly infinite love toward all of her fans was also very touching to see, and I'm glad to have had a chance to interview and interact with so many of them personally.

Amazing people do seem to have a way of attracting equally amazing people...

She will be performing in NYC once again on Wednesday, 2nd December 2009 (this coming Wednesday) at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

This show falls into perfect alignment with the FULL MOON!

This show will be magickal and guaranteed incredible.

I will be there, though perhaps a bit late, and hope to see many of you as well.

I urge everyone to catch a live performance if and whenever possible. She and the Crumpets are en pointe, simply spectacular and not to be missed!

Thanks for reading, and see you soon! =)

Love and infinite blessings to all,